Is Binary Options a Scam?


Often considered to be one of the most popular ways to make money online, binary options trading has become extremely popular within recent years. However, like any form of trading, binary options has come under scrutiny with some critics branding it as illegitimate and fraudulent. Is Binary Options a Scam though?

For new traders with little experience, statements like this can be extremely intimidating, leaving some reluctant to begin trading in binary options before they’ve really done their research. Granted, there are some fraudulent sites out there, but Stern is fully committed to educating traders not only how to trade but also in what they should be looking out for when investigating binary options trading for the first time.

So, if you’re worried about the true legitimacy of binary options, read on to put your mind completely at ease. As soon as you reach the end of this page, you’ll have gained all the information you need to pick out the warning signs of fraudulent sites and you will be ready to take on whatever is thrown at you when starting to trade!

Make real money from trading

Regardless of some reports or rumors which randomly surface on the internet these days about how trading is a ‘scam’, no one can deny statistics. Throughout the history of binary options trading, many traders have been shown to achieve gigantic profits, all completely legitimately with nothing fraudulent involved at all.

The fact is, in order to become a successful binary options trader, you need to significantly develop your trading skills and market awareness. Whilst you may find success through luck alone, purely relying on it isn’t a long-term solution and you’ll find yourself losing money very quickly. Education & training is essential for optimal success, and learning as much as you can from true professionals regarding trading strategies and tools which can be used effectively to increase your earnings potential.

Therefore, you’ll often find that sites which portray binary options trading as ‘a scam’ or ‘fraudulent’ don’t actually mention the fact that legitimate success can be achieved as long as skills are learnt and practiced. Ask yourself this: if binary options were really a scam, why are skilled traders able to consistently succeed at it?

Laws of binary options trading

Throughout many countries, including the USA, Japan and the UK, online binary options trading has many rules and regulations that must be adhered to for it to be 100% legal. Again, if it were a scam, why would all these countries bother regulating it?

In the majority of countries, 100% legitimate binary options brokers will only be given a license after intense evaluation. This evaluation is carried out by the government and involves analysis of each candidate’s entire trading history – this is to confirm that they’re not offering fraudulent services. If anything suspicious were to arise, that license candidate would not be granted one and wouldn’t be able to operate as a legal broker within the regulations of that particular country.

However, as with virtually all forms of online trading, there are still some brokers that slip through the legal net and operate fraudulent sites that many naïve people unfortunately buy into. It’s therefore essential that you thoroughly investigate every site you visit, and establish whether or not they have a page dedicated to their regulations and which license they have. If they don’t show this it is a huge red flag to suggest they don’t have a license at all, and aren’t operating legally. It goes without saying – stay away from these sites!

That said, there are still hundreds of legitimate binary options trading sites out there that are successfully used by millions of traders all around the world. It’s just a case of doing some careful research of your own.

Is Binary Options a Scam? Not at Stern Options!

Now, if you had any worries surrounding the legitimacy of binary options trading, hopefully they’ve been completely eliminated and you can put your mind at ease. The fact is, the concept of binary options trading is 100% legitimate, legal and authorized, with the vast majority of success coming from education and the development of trading skills which only truly professional companies maintain.

If you wish to know more about the legality of Stern Options, or the license on which Stern operates, you can always contact their customer service, which is available to you all days of the week. In addition, they can answer any questions that you may have, regarding a multitude of subjects. To read more about the Stern Options support, you can read this article.