Questions of Theory and Practice


Even though it is one of the least-known trading instruments available to you to make profits from global financial markets, the binary options instrument is still very appealing to both novice and experienced traders alike. But it’s no surprise that there are many questions surrounding the theory and practice of binary options trading.

In a nutshell, binary options trading, in its current form, was only made available to the ordinary trader from 2008. Before that, it was a complex, difficult to understand trading instrument only available to high-value institutional traders. In 2008 the theory and practice of binary options trading was simplified and opened up to online brokers who, in turn, offer the opportunity to trade on the global stock markets to anyone who is interested.

Binary options trading for everyone

Let’s assume that you are interested in trading in binary options. You are a “newbie” trader and have loads of questions from ‘How do you find out about binary options trading?’, to ‘How do you learn to interpret the markets so that you can make successful trades?’ On the other hand, perhaps you are an advanced trader who is looking for answers to advanced questions in order to be able to trade more effectively.

Where do you find answers to these questions?

World-class binary options trading brokers, such as Stern Options, offer training materials for binary options traders to peruse. Stern Options provide exhaustive material on the theory and practice of binary options trading, free on-line in both written and video format. These training materials can be found in Stern’s online education centre and this is aimed at all levels of experience, from the beginner to the most experienced trader. The end goal of this material is to provide Stern’s clients with the means to get up to speed very quickly and to be able to make a success as soon as possible. It also provides exhaustive analytical studies on how to interpret the markets correctly in order to place successful trades.

Binary  Options  Training  Materials

Stern’s education center is comprised of a trading academy, binary options asset index, expiry rates, and glossary. The trading academy, however, accounts for the bulk of the documentation that they make available to their clients.   This academy offers introductory videos; an in-depth trading course; an advanced training course; material on binary options trading strategies and the theory and practice of binary options trading; economics and how it affects the global financial markets; trading platform specific training materials; a platform eBook and finally an advanced binary options trading strategies eBook.


The learning materials in Stern’s education centre have been drawn up by specialist financial analysts and trading strategists. Its aim is to help you traders maximize your successes and minimize your losses, as well as to give Stern’s traders the in-depth knowledge that they can use to formulate their wealth management strategy. The content that is made available under the auspices of the Stern education centre is highly recommendable and definitely an added value feature of their service, and it is available FREE to account holders.

Apart from Stern’s sophisticated education centre, the brokerage also offers traders a state of the art online trading platform with easy to use analytical and risk-management tools. If you have worked through most of the training videos, your analytical skills will be sharper and your risk-management strategy secured.

Should you have any questions about binary options trading or any part of Stern’s online trading platform, or any general question about Stern Options, the company offers an excellent multi-lingual customer support centre made up of skilled and knowledgeable consultants who are able to help you with your challenges and questions.

Customer  Support

It is crucial for a global brokerage to have support staff available to assist their traders when they are in the process of making trades. Stern’s customer service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. They understand that traders like to trade when it suits them in a 24-hour period so their customer support staff are available to answer questions real-time. What’s more, they are multi-lingual.

There are several ways to contact Stern’s customer support staff – email, phone, and online chat.   Stern also offers additional support for novice traders with the aim of supporting and guiding them in the early stages of their binary options trading journey.

Final Thoughts on the theory and practice of binary options trading

The good news is, that if you are a binary options traders with questions, you will find all the answers and customer support that you need via Stern Options’ education centre and customer support staff. In my opinion, this is a good enough reason to open an account with Stern Options and to start making profits.