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To make profits in binary options you need to know: (1) which asset to invest in; (2) when to invest; (3) how long to invest. This all means of course that you need to know what kinds of information will help you to decide these things. Stern’s training academy is free-to-use, online, and open for you to use in your own time.

What’s kind of education and training will Stern’s academy give me?

This is not a school where you are required to submit papers and pass tests. There is no need for you to have any experience of the financial markets before you are ready to study this training. The educational resources and training materials included in Stern’s online academy have been compiled by experts in the binary options industry. Easy to understand and simple to use, these priceless educational resources can be referred to at any time. Here is an itemized list of what you will learn:

• Introduction to Binary Options – 15 comprehensive videos.

• Platform Tutorials – teaches you about the trading platform and its integrated tools.

• Binary Strategies – teaches you a variety of strategies for maximizing your profits.

• Economics – Learn about the world economy and how it affects the capital markets.

• Binary eBook – teaches you market behaviour, psychology, and essential

                              concepts, terminology and tips for success.

• In-Depth Course – explains all aspects of binary options investing and trading.

• Advanced Course – teaches you about the informational tools you will be using.

• Advanced Binary eBook – shows you the example of thirty binary options trading models.

This has been only a brief synopsis of what is available to you in Stern’s training academy and I hope it has given you more confidence already. But if you are already worrying that this is a massive project, stop worrying now, because it is not. I was an absolute beginner once and I am definitely not an expert yet, but I started investing in binary options after only completing the first five courses. It took me a week studying for a couple of hours each night. But I soon started making profits.

These training materials are not the only important intellectual resource for the investor on the Stern Options website. There is also an Asset Index; FAQs; Glossary; and the Economic Calendar.

The Economic Calendar

If somebody would come to you and say, ‘‘I know the exact date and time when you can definitely make a profit!’’, would you listen? Well, this is just why is the economic calendar important to you. One of the most important and successful strategies you can use is to apply the economic calendar in your daily planning. It contains the following information for you:

• Date and time of day for announcements.
• Title of the data of information being announced.
• Impact assessment on assets.
• Previous, Actual and Forecast numbers & percentages for the data & information in announcements.

The economic calendar offers you the ability to view events before they happen. How to recognize and interpret markets and the price movements taking place in them. When important organizations and institutions make official announcements, and when governments or central banks announce policy changes, the markets react with instinct and speculation. This means asset prices move suddenly and immediately. The clever binary options investor will make a profit from such price movements.

If you want to find out more about what the effects might be from something coming up in the calendar, you just have to contact Stern’s client support team and consult with a market analyst. It’s all free expert advice.


You can make very high levels of profit with binary options. Doing your homework with Stern Options free online school will teach you all of the theoretical aspects of making these high levels of profit. Preparation can’t guarantee success every time in life but doing your homework with this free-to-use academy and on your own timescale will definitely put you ahead of the field. There is no experience necessary before you can succeed with Stern Options.