Binary Options Trading Methods


When trading via the Stern trading platform, there are many successful methods traders can use. Each and every trader will have their own specifications when it comes to their trading, and will often incorporate different strategies to one another.
If you’re a budding trader and want to learn a bit more about the possible Binary Options Trading Methods you can use, or if you’re a seasoned trader looking to revamp your trading technique, keep reading! You’ll discover a comprehensive list of some of the most popular and effective trading methods you can incorporate on the Stern platform.

Trend Signals

A very popular strategy used by numerous traders around the world, utilising trend signals involves following global markets and executing trends based on market trends. Traders will execute trades they think will be the most profitable. Traders with extensive market analysis knowledge may be able to interpret the markets themselves, but the vast majority install a binary options signalling software to do the hard work for them. If you’d like to learn more about how signalling software works, check out the rest of the site and you’ll find everything you need!

Traders can use this Trading Method across a variety of different market trends; it all comes down to personal preference and which trends traders enjoy following the most.

Binary Options Trading Methods

  • Zigzag Strategy – This keeps tabs on any directional movement or changes in price values. The primary goal of this strategy is to focus on the most important trends and ignore irrelevant ‘noise’ that may occur on the trend line. Whilst this is a decent way to analyse and highlight vital patterns within the market, experts in the field recommend not to use this strategy solely on its own, and to incorporate other trading methods along with it.
  • Moving Averages – Perhaps the most common type of signal used by traders, this strategy smooths the price to form a singular line. This line represents the market’s average price over a specified period of time, and is relatively easy to follow even for new traders with little experience.
  • Convergence/Divergence of Moving Averages – Slightly more in-depth than the above standard strategy of moving averages, the indicator fluctuates below or above zero on a visual graph. To properly utilise this strategy within trading, the trader will have to look at exactly which side the lines are placed against the zero. If the lines are below zero for a substantial time period, this suggests a decrease of price and a downward trend; if the lines are above zero for a substantial time period, this demonstrates an upward trend and an increase in price.

Tunnel Strategy

Specifically developed for traders looking for the highest possible returns, this strategy involves traders having to decide whether they think the price of an asset will move out of, or stay in, a specified range of price.

Primarily suitable for markets that are in a state of unification, the market is essentially ‘unsure’ as to how the price of an asset will move. Unlike trading signals, which provide a specific analysis of exactly how the market is moving, using the tunnel strategy requires traders to make assumptions and decisions based on instinct and how they ‘think’ the market will move. Perhaps not the best option for new, less experience traders, tunnel strategy can however be very lucrative if used correctly and to the trader’s advantage.

Hopefully this has given you more of a detailed insight into different strategies that can be used during trading, and what each involves. As mentioned, every trader will have their own particular preference of which trading method they like using. And remember, nothing it set in stone; if you begin using a particular trading method that you don’t feel is right, you can always try something new next time!

The above are just a mere few trading methods that you can use. If you do your research and analyse the pros and cons for each individual method you come across, you’re guaranteed to have educated yourself to the best possible level when it comes to choosing the best trading strategy for your experience, abilities and desires. To read more about Binary options signals you can visit our article on automatic trading.